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The Three Gods

Once upon a time, three godly siblings formed the foundations of being. Bahar-Taraji, the Goddess of Creation, was the youngest of the three. Her job was to create new beings - wherever she went,...

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The Quarrel

During times of need, people begged the three gods for help. Though unfortunately they feared and disregarded Beran-Setaou, as in their short-sightedness they did not understand that just as...

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The Aftermath

Bahar-Taraji's death had terrible consequences for the world of the gods as well as that of the people: A long and cruel winter came, killing creatures at sea and ashore. The earth froze so...

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The Battle

Baljit-Elvedin, God of Conservation, grieved for his sister for a long time. And as the tight claws of pain finally loosened their grip around his heart, he went searching for his brother....

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